Our mission is simple- "Have Fun!"

When you book a show with WOW-E! Entertainment, we deliver a unique, memorable experience that will leave you laughing for days
The 5 WOW-E Factors
  1. Kelly interviews the team
  2. Let's play some Bingo
  3. Here's Betty
  4. Brian aka Vanna
  5. YMCA
  6. Whew...look at the time
  7. More than Bingo...
  8. Wait a second!
1. Have Fun

2. Produce Quality Entertainment

3. Make Them Laugh

4. Leave Them Talking

5. Create Memories



Our shows are written, produced and performed by Kelly Mahony. With over 20 years experience hosting, writing and producing shows for Nickelodeon Studios and Universal Studios, she lights up the stage with each performance.  Each show is customized to cater to your business or event. We specialize in creating a unique experience that will leave you wanting more.
Are you looking for entertainment for your special day? We can help! We offer DJ's , Karaoke, and MC's  to WOW your crowd.
We know how to get a party started and to keep it going. We will work with you to deliver whatever experience you are seeking. Whether the theme is black tie, Top 40, or Disco we will bring the house down with our high energy fun!
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More Info

Our Experience Creates Your Experiences

We have years of experience entertaining thousands of people. Let us entertain you!