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Our company thrives on having fun! Our experience creates your experiences! 

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We offer shows to help each company reach its goals. Each show is customizable to incorporate specifics about your company or organization.
Here is how it works:
1. You contact us to set up an initial consultation.
2. Based on your goals we recommend the best show to help you reach your goals
3. We deliver an unforgettable event for your community!

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Kelly Mahony hosts Gamelab at Nickelodeon Studios

It all began with a bucket of slime

20 Years ago, Kelly Mahony dumped her first bucket of slime at Nickelodeon Studios. Since then, she has  slimed hundreds of kids all over the world as she traveled the globe hosting shows for Nickelodeon. Her creativity, quirkiness, and quick wit endeaered her to audiences of all ages.
She moved to California to pursue her career and winded up in management for Universal Studios Hollywood. This proved to be an interesting match as she was able to utilize many of her previous years of hosting in the corporate environment. She realized that the corporate environment was fertile ground for creativity and innovative shows. Therefore, she set forth to start her own company and WOW-E! Entertainment was born.

What other services do you offer?

We realize that quality entertainment is hard to come by. With years of experience hosting and interacting with thousands of people on a daily basis, we know how to ignite a crowd and keep the flame going. Therefore, we offer services such as Master of Ceremonies, DJ, and Karaoke. We are high energy pure fun! We look forward to hosting your next event!
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Meet Kelly Mahony

Kelly Mahony began her career as a stand up comedian in Orlando Florida. She was picked as the sole female comedian finalists in the First Florida Comedy Competition by Comedy Central in her first year of performing. This paved the road for a long and funny career with Standup. She moved to Los Angeles to continue her standup. She brought the house down in such legendary venues as the Improv and Comedy Store. While performing stand up at night, she was hosting game shows during the day for Nickelodeon Studios. Traveling the globe, Kelly would slime thousands of kids, throw hundreds of pies, and deliver millions of smiles to kids and adults throughout her career. She was a top entertainer for Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood. Frequently she was called upon to host special events for Citiwalk, red carpet movie premiers, and audience warm up. Her quirky nature, energetic smile, and playful attitude make her a favorite entertainer to audiences of all ages.