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Our shows offer a unique experience for each unique community.

About our Clubhouse Shows

Who knew that living in a community could be so much fun! WOW-E! entertainment knows! Each of our shows seeks to engage the residents not just on an entertainment level but also on a social level. Our shows get people up and moving! We feed the soul with laughter. In other words, we seek to nourish the Body, MInd, and Soul with each performance.
Socially we provide the vehicle for the residents to come together within thier community. They foster friendships with one another while playing Bingo, singing together in an old time sing along, answering trivia questions, or just belting out their favorite tune.
One thing that sets us apart from the others is our personal touch. We seek to learn and know each member of the communities we service.  As we get to know the community, we customize the shows to their special personalities.
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The Betty Bingo Show

Just when you thought you knew Bingo, Betty comes along and changes everything. This is not just Bingo, it is a show. Betty Bingo, the loveable, comedic, character entertains from the moment she makes her grand entrance. Sure we play Bingo but there is so much more to the show
· Win Prizes
· Boogie to the YMCA
· Belt out a Disco number with Betty
· Amuse friends as audience participates in the show shenanigans.

The Good Old Fashioned Sing Along

This is definitely one of our funnest shows! The community comes together in song as we sing out our favorite tunes. It doesn't matter how well anyone sings. The worst the better as far as we are concerned.  The real beauty of this show is the social comradery each person feels as they sing from their heart, songs that they love.
We provide the songlist, the seniors choose their songs. (On holidays we theme the show to the holiday.) Then we hit play and the sing along begins! 

Krazy Karaoke

This is not just your average Karaoke, it is much more. We know that singing is just one part of the Karaoke experience- the show is the other. Therefore we offer a wide array of props for the singer to play with and use for his/her performance. This offers a whole other element of fun while it engages the senses.  Based on your need, this show can run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

Tea Time Trivia

This show is a feast for the senses. We provide a light tea with snacks to begin this experience. Then we begin our trivia challenge. The trivia includes songs, video and standard trivia. For example, we may play a song and they will have to name the tune.  We may show a snipit of a movie and they will have to name the actor they just saw. We may just ask a random question about a random subject and see what they know. You would be surprised!
All of this and a cup of tea!
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